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Plymouth and the
Underground Railroad

Water Street Landing Park overlooks the Roanoke River in downtown Plymouth, North Carolina. What is now the park once was part of one of the state’s busiest seaports.

Before and during the Civil War, enslaved people who’d left nearby plantations to seek freedom mingled on the waterfront among dock workers, sailors and ships’ passengers. A few courageous allies surreptitiously helped the freedom seekers continue their journeys or blend in with local free people of color and find work.

Water Street Landing Park has been designated by the National Park Service as a Network to Freedom National Underground Railroad site. The designation is dedicated to the bravery of the enslaved people who came to the Plymouth Waterfront seeking their freedom; and to their allies, enslaved and free who, at great risk, helped the freedom seekers find their way to a better life.

Eight more Network to Freedom sites—including the Roanoke River itself—are within 75 miles of Plymouth.